Toshoshitsu no Kanojo Returns with a New Animation Studio

Welcome back guys, we have another explosive trailer to share with you tonight! This time it’s the second trailer for a hentai that’s scheduled to be released on June 30. That’s right, I’m talking about the fifth episode of Toshoshitsu no Kanojo: Seiso na Kimi ga Ochiru made The Animation! But before we see the trailer, I want to show you some new images that have just been released.

The animation quality is slightly higher than the other studio’s, however, the new drawing style might not be to the fans’ liking.

Stay tuned, because we will let you know as soon as the sixth OVA is announced, because after this one comes teacher’s mind break! You know we won’t miss a single detail of this exciting series.


The OVA is based on the Toshoshitsu no Kanojo 5 doujin ~Onna Kyoushi ga Ochiru made (Zenpen)~.

Ayako Takamine, Yukiha and Aida’s teacher, continues to investigate Yukiha’s sudden disappearance and Aida’s emotional trauma that prevents her from attending school. One day, her cell phone receives a mysterious call. When she answers it, she discovers that it is Kitou Masami, the school janitor, who informs her that Yukiha is at home and invites her to come get her if she is really worried about her student.
After a while, Ayako arrives at Kitou’s apartment, where she finds Yukiha. Seeing her pregnant, she tries to process everything she has just witnessed, but is knocked out by Kitou.

Now that the teacher has fallen into the janitor’s trap, she will suffer the sexual torture that her beloved student Yukiha went through.


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