Tsugunai 04 Reveals Its First Images

If you liked the previous news, you will love this one, specially if you love stories of revenge and rape. Tsugunai revealed the first images of the fourth episode!

Although these images are very good, they don’t answer the question if this will be his last episode. Maybe we will know the truth when the trailer is released.

Like Papa Katsu!’s third episode, this OVA will also be released on June 30.


The lonely Aoi was hiding in the holiday village while her companions disappeared amidst screams and cries. Despite worrying about the situation, she struggled to find a way out so that she could escape. However, her relief at finding Kanae was short-lived, as she fell victim to the master’s vengeance. While pleasuring herself, she tried to persuade Aoi to suffer the same as her.

Aoi escaped again and vowed to find a way to escape by herself to save them all. At that moment, her sister Natsuki, who was supposed to be locked up, appeared in front of her. Without the master nearby, the two sisters tried to find a way to escape together, but…