Tsundero Manga Will Have Two Episodes Animated by T-Rex!

The following news will leave you breathless, Takeda Hiromitsu returns with Tsundero hentai animation!

In case you are not aware, Tsundero is an erotic manga by famous artist Takeda Hiromitsu, which started serializing on December 24, 2008.

You can buy the manga here:

The hentai will be produced by Bunny Walker and animated by T-Rex. The series will feature two episodes, the first will adapt Tsundero story, while the second will deal with Kaichou no Bukatsudou.


Yuka Yoshii, the beautiful school idol with excellent grades and good at sports, she is secretly a dirty schoolgirl with perverted desires and fantasies. Takashi, who follows her everywhere, is also a man of tremendous sexual prowess! When Yuka finds herself in a scene with her stalker Takashi, she kneels down and sucks his cock while he apologizes! What are her feelings at the end of the intense sex between perverted virgin and hardcore man?

Kaichou no Bukatsudou

The student council president, famous for being strict about school rules, is at it again today by ordering Anime Club to suspend its activities. Club members, who don’t want to be pushed around by student council president, show off their perverted hobbies, and otakus firmly train the student council president using cosplay maid! Now the girl is immersed in the club’s dirty sexual activities.

Both episodes are going to be released on September 1, so don’t miss them!

Stay tuned, because we will inform you as soon as T-Rex announces new anime hentai!