Tsundero Series Plans for Fifth and Sixth OVAs!

Amazing news! Lune Soft announced that it will animate two new episodes from Tsundero manga!

With this announcement, the Tsundero series will have a total of 6 episodes. The fifth chapter will be based on the Doppler Lesson story, while the sixth will focus on Anekon.

Both episodes will be released on February 2, so don’t miss them!

Doppler Lesson

Aoi is the captain of her school’s rhythmic gymnastics club and, although she is talented in her field, she has a small problem, she’s too shy in public. Before the upcoming tournament, she seeks her coach’s help to overcome her shyness. Every night, for 10 days, Aoi will have to do everything her coach tells her, no matter how embarrassing or kinky the training may be.


Yuuyo is a young student whose life takes an unexpected turn when his father marries their neighbor. Suddenly, he now has two stepsisters: Hayaka, who works as a nurse at his school, and Haruka, the gym teacher. One day, an unfortunate accident brings them closer than they ever imagined.


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