Two Mature Women Wildly Fuck in ‘NO Wife NO LIFE!’ Episode 2 Trailer

Good news for milf and Queen Bee fans! This popular label has released the trailer of NO Wife NO LIFE! episode 2.

Despite the low animation quality, the episode looks great thanks to its beautiful mature married women.

If you liked these women don’t worry, this OVA will be released on June 28, so don’t miss it!

Kazu and his mother are visited by Shizuka, the voluptuous housewife next door. Kazu feels uncomfortable as Shizuka tries to seduce him, leading him to believe that the rumors about her doing sexual things in secret might be true. When Kazu leaves the room because he was turned on by Shizuka’s sexual innuendos, she follows him and proposes that they fuck to calm his erection.

In the Mochizuki family, males of a certain age are assigned an exclusive maid. Reiji, the protagonist, chooses Fumi, a mature and married woman who has taken care of him since his childhood. In this family, it is common for exclusive maids to have sexual relations with their masters to please them. Fumi continues with this family tradition as a pretext to get closer to Reiji and become his lover.