Voluptuous Gal Will Let You Have Sex with Her in Exchange for Helping Her Study in This VR Movie

It seems that we are in the week of pornographic adaptations, and in addition to all the movies announced yesterday, they revealed that Baka Dakedo Chinchin Shaburu no Dake wa Jouzu na Chii-chan eroge will have a live action, but his film is special because they are for VR headsets!

This peculiar film has been produced by K M Produce and will be titled EXVR-535 【VR】バカだけどチンチンしゃぶるのだけはじょうずなち~ちゃん◆ 乙アリス, and will have a running time of 137 minutes. The beautiful actress Alice Otsu will have the lead role as the dumb but voluptuous schoolgirl.

If you have a virtual reality (VR) device, you can enjoy this exciting production when it premieres on July 12.

Baka Dakedo Chinchin Shaburu no Dake wa Jouzu na Chii-chan ♥ is an eroge released on August 5, 2006 under Orc Soft’s TEAM GOBLIN label. And on June 30, 2017, Bunny Walker released its first anime episode.


Muroto Kouta, a young obese student living alone due to family issues, encounters his classmate Shiina Chieri, also known as Chii-chan. She asks him for help with studying during the summer vacation, and he agrees. During one of their study sessions, Chii-chan offers sexual services to Muroto, as long as there is no penetration, as she is committed to someone else. Thus begins a relationship of lovers between them.