Wet Nightmares: The Horror Eroge You’ll Love

Hello everyone, today I bring you news about a horror eroge.

This eroge is called Wet Nightmares, developed by a Mexican artist for his company “Demonheart Studios”. Apparently it has been in development for 5 years, and it will finally be released in an “Early access” version on the Steam and GOG platforms with Kinky Fridays as its publisher, who already have several games under their belt.

Apparently, this eroge contains more creepy and serious scenes than the horror eroges we are used to, without compromising the multiple sexual scenes that appear at all times.


While authorities deal with the mysterious disappearances of girls in the surrounding area, a famous writer who lives alone in the middle of the forest goes through the worst mental block of his life, leaving him with very little time and options to write his newest novel which will finally set him free from an abusive contract that keeps him tied down in his career.

As his stress grows, he starts having strange nightmares until one night, while having an anxiety attack, a startled but mysterious 21 year old girl knocks on his door asking if she can spend the night at his house in exchange of whatever he asks.

She introduces herself as Samara Walker, a sensual and mysterious girl visibly worried about her situation.

As the days go by, the writer realizes that having sex with this mysterious girl helps with his mental block and enables him to write an abnormal speed, yet his creepy dreams keep getting weirder and more frequent until one day something strange happens outside his dreams.

This eroge will be released in different languages, but above all and most importantly, it will be available in Spanish.

Before finishing, we inform you that this game has a tentative release date of October 31, 2023.

If you are interested in supporting the artist’s work, you can join his SubscribeSTAR, I will leave the link here in case you want to support him: https://subscribestar.adult/erkerut

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